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100 Reasons I Love My Wife Sam Middleton

sam middleton
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After 19 years together, it can be challenging to think of ways to show my love and appreciation in ways that I haven’t already done before. She tells me I don’t have to “wow” her but I know she’s just trying to help me out.

Her primary love language is “Words of Affirmation”…I mean what girl doesn’t want to be told how beautiful and amazing she is?! Well, being the nerd that I am, I figured what better way than to profess my love for my wife to the all might Google with “100 Things I Love About My Wife Sam Middleton.”

This way, whenever her name is Googled, the world will know how much she is loved and adored. (Aweeeee <3 <3)

Here it goes Babe!

  1. You love me for who I am
  2. You help me see more in me than I’ve seen for myself
  3. You are a phenomenal mother
  4. You ride the ups and the downs of entrepreneur life like a champ
  5. You gave us two healthy, beautiful, and loving children
  6. You would do anything for those in your circle
  7. You are sexy as hell
  8. You have great curves
  9. You have a nice butt (did I say that already? Whatever, you’re that hot!)
  10. I love your brown eyes and brown hair
  11. I love the way you look at me when you’re about to cry happy tears
  12. I love the face you make when you’re embarrassed (which is rare)
  13. I love your confidence and boldness
  14. I love your determination when you have your mind set on a goal
  15. I love that you invest so much time into planning family events big and small
  16. I love that you took me to a gay wedding in Vermont when we just started dating
  17. I love that you got to know my mom before she passed
  18. You were there for me when I lost my mom at 19. I didn’t love anyone unconditionally to that level until I fell in love with you.
  19. I love that you made an impression on my grandfather while he was here
  20. I love the way you got us out of that mess in San Diego ;)
  21. I love how much you put into the kid’s special days at school
  22. I love how you speak about me with your friends
  23. You are a great cook! I love watching you make one of your signature dinners
  24. I love watching you do crafts or school work with the kids
  25. You’ve always challenged me and supported me
  26. I love that face you’re making while you read this and smile
  27. I love our coffee talks together
  28. I love to see you sweat (in the gym ;)
  29. I love that you don’t take 2 hours to get ready and still look like sex on a stick
  30. You love to have fun even when I’m in “serious mode”
  31. I love that you laugh at my corny dad jokes
  32. I love you for helping out with Nani
  33. I love how Aunt Bette looks at you
  34. I loved watching you to P.T. with Aunt Bette after her surgery
  35. I love that you moved 16 times in 15 years without thinking twice
  36. I love you for going through those hard early years in business
  37. I love your patience with Max during the terrible twos
  38. I love you for fighting for us when your parents and others didn’t agree
  39. You showed me some style and got me out of the baggy clothes and skin fade :)
  40. You look at me like no other guy could compare or tempt you
  41. You take really good care of me when I have a man cold
  42. You took excellent care of me when I had that procedure ;)
  43. I love our whiteboard and goal planning sessions
  44. I love that we could talk for hours after all these years
  45. You knew what you were worth when we met and wouldn’t settle for less
  46. You’re not afraid to look silly
  47. You thought it was cute that I proposed in bed after agonizing for months over the perfect proposal.
  48. You have expensive taste but also know when to be practical
  49. After being together for 19 years, you still want to hold my hand and cuddle <3
  50. I love that you’re not afraid to say what’s on your mind.
  51. I love watching you paint our little girl’s nails
  52. I love holding hands and going for walks
  53. I love when the fiery Puerto Rican comes out
  54. You tollerate all my geek speak
  55. You helped me get out of my head and “smell the roses”
  56. You make me want to work harder for you than anyone else
  57. I love how we can still talk for hours
  58. I love when you tell the story about your McDonalds fry basket scar
  59. I love how we would compete for tips at Paesan’s Pizza as kids
  60. I love your butterfly tattoo and the story behind it
  61. You are extremely proactive with the kid’s school
  62. I love watching your mind work in our real estate business
  63. I love when I get to hear you praying
  64. I love seeing you crack up with your girls (especially the goofy KK, E, and Ang)
  65. You are awesome with our friend’s kids
  66. You always look amazing in a bathing suit
  67. You’re not afraid to cut ties with people who aren’t worth being in our circle
  68. You never let divorce be an option
  69. You deal with my baggage and even help me carry it :)
  70. You let me wear the pants (but help me pick them out :)
  71. You take great care of our beautiful home
  72. I love how you check you KitKat before eating it
  73. You only like the red gummies so I get to eat the rest of the bag
  74. You’re more appreciative than I give you credit for sometimes
  75. I love the 30 million road trips we took together between CT and FL
  76. I love the wedding you planned and that my grandfather was able to see you walk down the isle
  77. I love the confidence you had walking yourself down the isle
  78. I love that overnight we spent in the hotel cabin at Grand Canyon
  79. I loved your crooked tooth for years before your invisaline
  80. I love your perfect smile now too :)
  81. You’re not the type to gossip with the girls but do indulge with me in private lol
  82. You have amazing grandparents (Frank & Joy) that I got to inherit <3
  83. I love how mature you handle the painful situation with your mom and focus on the good you have and not what you don’t have.
  84. I love how you stood up for us and what we could be after only 1 year of being together.
  85. I love how you humored me when I said I was moving to FL to do the “college thing” and couldn’t last 3mo without talking to you every night and never going on a single date.
  86. I love that you said “yes” when I asked you to move into my little 500 sqft apartment.
  87. I love that you went into the desert for 3 days for a defensive handgun course and pulled your weight like-a-boss!
  88. I love that you love personal development seminars as much as I do.
  89. I loved watching you eat fire, break bricks, and walk on glass!
  90. I love that event we met E at and the laughs and tears from the net exercise.
  91. I love how you put notes in our lunches
  92. You are the strongest woman I know.
  93. You are more powerful than even you give yourself credit for.
  94. You are worth any sacrifice I have to make.
  95. You are doing a great job and always stretching for more.
  96. You have so much to give to the world.
  97. You are smart aaannnndddd sexy!
  98. You make me want to be a better man.
  99. You own more space in my heart than anyone ever will.
  100. You are my best friend Sam <3

I hope that this shows you just a glimpse of how much you mean to me. I love you Babe.





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