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Episode 104: 3 Things Every Man Wishes He Could Tell His Woman

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Show Notes

  • (03:45) It’s not 50-50, it’s 100-100.
  • (04:20) Storytime with Brandon! Ladies – Are you impossible to please?
  • (08:30) #1 – The more you complain, the less men want to communicate. Spend more time enjoying life than complaining.
  • (09:45) When you can understand your SO a little better, problems and challenges can only go so deep because you will have the answer. You will know the root of the problem and how to handle it.
  • (10:45) Focus on one good thing that’s going right instead of things that are going wrong. Flip your energy and it could make all the difference.
  • (12:20) What you focus on will expand. Change your perspective and your mindset and mood will improve. Look for the good and you will be able to see better.
  • (13:45) #2 – Have sex with your husband! Don’t just “put up with” sex. Build up your man every chance you get.
  • (15:55) Sex affects the ego and self-confidence. Being in that vulnerable position and shut down, or experiencing “sex held hostage” can be very damaging to the psyche.
  • (18:25) When you’re in the bedroom, go all-in. Focus your attention and forget everything else.
  • (20:15) #3 – Don’t tear your man down! Celebrate him! Men aren’t as strong as they claim to be. They are sensitive to criticism and put downs…especially by their ladies!
  • (23:05) Ladies – you don’t realize how much power you have! The more you build up your man and tell him you believe in him, the less he will let you down.
  • (24:00) Men are very vulnerable and susceptible—on both ends of the spectrum—to the words and emotions of their ladies.
  • (25:00) Storytime with Sam. Listen as she exemplifies Ride or Die in defense of B!
    (28:30) Training yourself to properly communicate rather than blurting out whatever emotionally-charged thought that’s in your head can make a huge difference in your relationship.
  • (29:45) Ladies AND gentlemen can work on these things. Guys – don’t walk away from today’s show thinking it’s up to your lady to treat you better. We can all better ourselves.
  • (30:55) “There is no me without you.”
  • (32:45) Guys – If you know you’re going to be distant and/or busy, flip the script on emotional support. Understand that your lady can only be superwoman for so long. Take time to acknowledge and support her. These are the times she needs it the most!
  • (35:15) Ladies – Reciprocate when your man takes these precious moments. BUT – don’t wait for your man to acknowledge you first. Take action first and it means the WORLD to your man. Help him turn his bad moods around. Sometimes, you’re the only one who can help him.
  • (38:30) When you have the right kind of passion for each other, those things come easy.
  • (39:10) Ladies – Know your cycle…’nuff said.
  • (40:00) Guys – Even if your lady isn’t as receptive or giving as you’d like her to be, don’t stop building her up and doing all the little things to show your love and commitment.
  • (40:40) Even after a fight, wake up the next day with a “Clean slate, new day” mindset. You’ll both be able to focus much better.
  • (41:30) Love each other more! Find and focus on the good in each other and your marriage.
  • (43:05) If you know you’re Ride or Die, there is no alternative. Put in the work to make it work.


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