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Episode 8: Real Estate

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The couple invites all you listeners out there to share your socially acceptable expression of views in Social Media, especially in Facebook. Social Media is a medium of expression and there is no regulation to control what you see on it. There is just too much going on especially last week, we all know why, so before getting into the main topic, the couple quickly discussed the ways they filter what is showing on theirs. It saves them the stress and negativity.

Brandon summed this up by sharing his thoughts on changing one’s environment and being involved on things that one has control of. As he discussed his points of view on social media, he expounded the quote he likes, “Don’t worry about the economy, worry about your economy”. This lead the couple to discuss more in details how adapting this has gotten their Real Estate business to where it is now.

It is interesting to know that they had to do a take two on their Real Estate business as the first attempt didn’t work. Find out, why they decided to do so and what is making it work this time. Hear their answers to questions like why real estate business? What is there to like?

Furthermore, you’ll discover how Brandon and Sam shared not only their story but also their success with some friends who may not have the same reason as they do but have the same vision on how real estate business can be an effective vehicle to achieve financial or personal goals. One manifestation of this is the free video resource that Brandon did for his meetup group. The video discusses in detail how he started and systematized the business. You may view it by visiting the website Did I say free? Yes, it is absolutely free.

It has been suggested in the Money, Money, Money episode that it is best to save 6 month worth of bills, Brandon and Sam shared how they make this happen to answer the question of the week.


  • Social Media
  • Facebook
  • Unfollowing versus Unfriending
  • FB Apps: Messenger and Group
  • choosing what to see
  • need of significance; more likes, more shares
  • changing environment
  • focus on what one can control
  • worry your economy first
  • second try
  • real estate is awesome
  • help out, flexibility, and money
  • vehicle to finance passion
  • ministry and business
  • working capital
  • bookkeeper
  • current state
  • virtual wallet
  • working from home
  • car payment
  • shopping habit


About Brandon Middleton

Brandon is a master of setting systems in place to strategically automate the sales process and convert leads into customers.