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Episode 5: Date Night

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How do married couples with toddlers go on dates? Is it even necessary? Well, YES. In a nutshell, dating is essential for life and conversations to happen outside of the routine environment. When couples have kids, it becomes very difficult to put down the parent hat and shift the focus on each other. This makes dating all the more important. Dates should happen with AND without the kids.

After quite some time, the conventional dinner and movies kind of date gets old but there are just a lot of ways you can spice up your dates. An example is to vary them between date nights and date days, tailor-fitting them to the kids’ schedules. There’s the Escape Room or group dates with close friends to get you started thinking of creative ideas. There’s also Craigslist and Instantcheckmate to give you a hand in finding a babysitter and doing background check to ensure your kids’ security at home.

In response to this episode’s question of the day, Brandon and Sam talk about the ways by which they keep each other motivated constantly.


  • Middleton Madness: the aftermath of new year’s eve and giving away food surplus
  • What date nights are like with and without the kids
  • Leaving home the parent hat for a couple of hours on a couple date night
  • Life and conversations that do not happen in a routine environment
  • What to do to spice up your date nights!
  • Escape rooms and the healthy interaction you get on a date night!
  • Group date nights
  • How date days are refreshing
  • The need to invest in time with your partner
  • Who is in-charge of planning date nights?
  • Craigslist as a great way to find babysitters
  • Who are the babysitters we’d want for our children and where do we seek them out?
  • Instantcheckmate as a really helpful way to do background check
  • What conversations should be part of a date night?
  • Question of the day: How do we keep each other motivated?
  • Planning and committing to a goal together
  • Consistently working hand in hand to help each other with a common goal (i.e. fitness)
  • Why knowing when to put your significant other first matters


About Brandon Middleton

Brandon is a master of setting systems in place to strategically automate the sales process and convert leads into customers.