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Episode 102: Don’t Let the Holidays Be a Pain Point

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Money can be a touchy subject for couples…especially during the holiday season. Spending increases, and planning & shopping can be a nightmare. Let B and Sam help! In this episode, Brandon and Sam share their shopping and gifting strategies for this year, including some awesome tips on how and where to find deals. They also delve into the sometimes-sensitive subject of budgeting. Brandon discusses one of his favorite budget planning methods in this episode, and LISTEN CLOSE for an exclusive link to get access to a tool that can save you a ton of time and headaches when you’re planning a budget!

Listen all the way through for an exclusive link to our favorite budgeting tool!

Show Notes

  • (01:30) Money fights start a LOT over the holidays! Be wary of extra added expenses.
  • (02:40) Experiences instead of toys
  • (03:40) January is one of the two highest months for divorce filings.
  • (05:15) Be a good steward (not Stuart…unless your name is Stuart!) over your money. Don’t run into the common struggle of having more month at the end of your money.
  • (08:15) Start shopping earlier.
  • (08:45) Use Facebook Marketplace for gift shopping. If you know you’re going to be traveling, look at the Marketplace in the area where you’ll be.
  • (13:00) Stay-cations make great gifts! Be creative with credit card points and look for deals.
  • (16:45) Put some barriers around your budget. Barriers will lead you to make better decisions.
  • (21:00) Reallocate funds from one budget category to another for things that are important to you.
  • (22:30) Budgeting is a sensitive subject. Couples struggle with it, and so do entrepreneurs. Put them together and it can be an explosive situation!
  • (29:30) Don’t fall into the trap of “bank balance budgeting.” There’s a better way!
  • (32:45) There should be no emotional attachment to “splurging” with money occasionally as long as it’s within your budget.


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