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Episode 6: Money, Money, Money

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What a timely coincidence it was that an emergency board meeting-part-date-night happened within the week of this episode! What a unique date night it was no less!

A universal concern is the rationale behind budgets and how much we should ideally allocate on stuff to live well. This is the hot topic for this episode as Brandon and Sam take us into their methods of building a financial wall around their family.

Money gives you options. It makes a lot of sense to live below your means and stay away from loans as there can be no certain job security considering unanticipated circumstances like job loss, loss of business, or health issues. The beauty of saving and maintaining a conservative budget allow you more options financially and avoid having to downsize your life. With all these said, it is best practice to discuss finances as a couple. Hear how the Middletons do it in this episode.

Lastly, in response to the question of the day, hear about how to stay committed and constantly protect your investment in your marriage and each other.


  • Middleton madness: The emergency “meeting of the minds” was part-date night in Disguise
  • Hot topic: how much should you budget on stuff? Why is it important?
  • Money gives you options
  • Build a financial wall around your family that nobody can touch!
  • Live below your means and avoid loan$!
  • Where to allocate your expenses vs Quicken’s financial advice
  • Considering unanticipated circumstances
  • Switching things to cash
  • The evils of credit
  • The projected breakdown of expenses
  • Money as reason for divorce
  • How we break it down
  • The beauty of a conservative budget
  • How much should you save?
  • Big decisions and downsizing
  • No job security
  • Creating your own security
  • The need to discuss your finances with your spouse
  • Question of the day: How do you stay so committed?
  • Eric Thomas’ webinar: 5 keys to making a good marriage
  • Protecting your investment
  • Making the decision to stay committed


About Brandon Middleton

Brandon is a master of setting systems in place to strategically automate the sales process and convert leads into customers.