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Episode 7: Overwhelmed?

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Do you sometimes feel like you’re stuck in a wrench? Like all inspiration and enthusiasm has evaded you completely? This week’s episode walks us through how not to let life overwhelm you.

Sometimes, when we mix our goals, passions, and obligations as adults (with kids), life may become a little too much. However, we must always make an effort to never lose spark. Slowing down on risk factors may be an option, but quitting or giving up is never the way to go. One sound way to battle these hard knocks of life is to invest in the wellness of our mental health. Position yourself in situations where you lose less and gain more. Let go of toxic relationships. Maintain the mindset to get things done. Sometimes, adjusting our aim may also make so much difference. Brandon shares about aiming low and hitting goals versus aiming too high and missing them. We may get off track, but we can always get back up. It may be healthy to take a few steps back to see clarity and see the bigger picture. Brandon and Sam share about having conversations with your partner and what either or both of you may be going through. A moment where you sit down and decide or even write down what you want and don’t want in your life may help you refocus.

Three helpful questions to ask may be: What’s going on? What’s working? What’s not working?

In addition, the couple shares about the madness of the week where germs are like kryptonite and Sam and the kids are quite unwell. If you have known home remedies or life hacks in strengthening the immune system especially of kids, feel free to share it!

Lastly, find out more about Brandon and Sam as they talk about their educational background in response to the question of the day.


  • How to not let life overwhelm you
  • Middleton madness: Germs like kryptonite, Sam and the kids being unwell, highlight on Max’s 4th ear infection
  • Got home remedies for strengthening immune system?
  • When will the kids be done being sick frequently?
  • Goals, passions, and responsibilities as an adult
  • How not to lose the spark and not be overwhelmed with the “musts” in life
  • Having kids early and the different kind of pressure where kids are involved
  • Slowing down in other aspects like taking risks
  • Investing in mental health
  • Less to lose and more to gain
  • All about mindset and will to get things done
  • Aiming goals too low and hitting them vs aiming goals too high and missing them
  • Put toxic relationships aside
  • Brandon’s video was a breakthrough
  • Working the system and getting too comfortable
  • Getting off track and getting back up!
  • The pains of starting a business
  • Getting clarity – taking a step back and looking at the whole picture
  • Shifting your mind and feelings and resetting goals
  • Have a conversation with your partner
  • Be sensitive to each other – whoever may have gotten overwhelmed first
  • It’s okay not to always get 100% clarity the first time
  • Use the dreamer in you to its full advantage
  • Just sit down and decide – even write down – what you want and don’t want in your life
  • What’s going on? What’s working? What’s not working?
  • Question of the day: What’s your educational background?
  • Brandon from alternative school but earned equivalent to more than 4 degrees on books and online self- study courses
  • Sam from an all-girls boarding school and the struggle with college
  • To put the kids on business school
  • Getting a self-taught skill vs getting educated in a structured environment called college
  • Hard knocks of life


About Brandon Middleton

Brandon is a master of setting systems in place to strategically automate the sales process and convert leads into customers.