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Episode 10: Relationships

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In this week’s episode of Middleton Methods, Brandon was momentarily put on the hot seat for relentlessly “working” and driving at the same time. The resolve shared to everyone is to put your phone out of sight or get Apple car-play.

This week we will learn about Dr Eric Thomas’ Survive, Strive, and Thrive Program and how Brandon and Sam went through these phases in their lives and in their business. The pains of starting a business cannot be evaded. Let’s realize through Brandon and Sam’s experience how some partnerships/relationships are not made for business. Hear about how they first started out with a computer repair shop business then shifted to marketing. It is imperative that we let go of emotional baggage when making a decision towards a goal we set for ourselves. That is how we transition from Surviving to Striving. How do we know when it’s time to make a change and take the risk? Listen to how the Middleton’s did it by investing in good relationships that bring growth and banking on the power of average skill, phenomenal will! Then the time comes when it is not just all about the money but also about maintaining good relationships. This is the mental shift between Striving and Thriving. How Brandon and Sam moved one level up each time by being around the right people for them to impact bigger circles is a result of the desire to feed the need for growth and contribution. This also meant letting go of bad relationships and trading them for good environments. It is definitely important to not waste energy on the bad ones and instead, channel them to nurture the good ones that help you up. Expand your mind, let go of fear, and zero in on the goal because when you want it bad enough, you are going to get it! Lastly, hear the answer to the question of the week: Are we raising spoiled children by sparing them difficult circumstances and giving them convenient lives?


  • Middleton madness: Brandon the hot seat re working and driving at the same time; DON’T put your phone within eyesight or get Apple car-play
  • Check out Dr Eric Thomas’ Breathe University and Survive, Strive, and Thrive Program!
  • Where are the Middletons on Survive, Strive, and Thrive in business and their relationship?
  • Starting the first business, a computer repair shop, with an old high school friend who had skills complementary to ours, and why that didn’t live long
  • Relationships become products of your environment, out of convenience, when starting out a business or a career
  • How friends can be good friends but not good business partners where priorities come in
  • The value of referrals when starting out a business
  • The pains of starting out — everything starting with the right intentions then seeing the realistic scenario in the long run
  • Actions differ when you’re in survival mode versus when you’re in strive mode
  • Things to consider when considering people to bring in our lives and/or to do business with: values, lifestyle, priorities
  • Making a shift and change to transition from Survive to Strive
  • You being the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most
  • The evils of emotional baggage that disable one from moving out of a comfort zone or setting aside choices that are good for you because of “emotional baggage”
  • Knowing when it’s the right time to make the change and risk what you have at the time for the sake of Striving
  • Finding a need and filling the missing spot – voila! How we started a marketing company — the first glimpse into Strive mode — the power of average skill and phenomenal will!
  • Strive means not being afraid to change your environment
  • The strength in small local meetups for business
  • The thin line between business and life. Invest in your relationships! The healthier your relationships in your career are, the more they can bleed over into life.
  • When it’s not just all about the money but also about building relationships – the mental shift between Striving and Thriving
  • How to get one level up each time and be around more people who can help push you up and make a bigger impact to a bigger circle
  • Traveling without each other being out of the question
  • The intent to nourish relationships being high on the priority list
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – growth and contribution and impacting new lives being on the low for a time
  • Charity events being surface level versus having a deeper desire for contribution and actually attracting relationships that help you contribute
  • It is easier being selfish on survival mode
  • Giving time away that we didn’t think we had
  • Letting go of bad relationships and trading them for good environments
  • You’re doing the right thing when you’re a little scared to do it
  • Invest in yourself, in your mindset, and in being a better person and build your positivity
  • Expand your mind, let go of fear, and zero in on the goal
  • Be willing to give what you want to get; invest and add value
  • Question of the week: Are we raising spoiled children by giving them convenient lives?
  • It is not necessary to stick our children into unpleasant/inconvenient situations just to teach them how to strive


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Brandon is a master of setting systems in place to strategically automate the sales process and convert leads into customers.