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Episode 103: Setting Goals and Getting on the Same Page

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Setting goals together is important to avoid wedges in your relationship. Wedges form in areas where each of you leads a separate life. Planning and goal-setting together makes celebrating wins even sweeter. Listen as Brandon and Sam discuss their busy holiday season, and why goal-setting is so important to their success. You’ll hear why clear communication and decisive action are important, how to avoids feeling left behind or “out of the loop,” and how Whiteboard Sessions can help each of you feel heard. Happy New Year!

Show Notes

  • (02:00) Why is it important to be on the same page?
  • (03:00) How often do you sit down with your spouse and discuss goals?
  • (05:00) Failures and setbacks are much more painful when you feel like you’re on your own. If you don’t set goals together, the weight of failure is harder on one person..
  • (07:30) Accountability. Check in with each other to get a different perspective.
  • (09:30) Don’t fall into the trap of New Year’s Resolutions!
  • (12:15) Feeling out of the loop or left behind? Communication is key. Be open to adjusting the roles and responsibilities based on what’s needed, because it’s always changing.
  • (14:45) Make time to sit down and plan, but be flexible. Adjust your life around your meetings and conversations when necessary.
  • (16:00) Don’t let the interruptions in your life be excuses for avoiding sit-downs with your spouse. No excuses! Make it happen.
  • (18:00) What didn’t work last week? What can we do better? Make sure you’re always on the same team. Don’t push blame on each other.
  • (21:00) We use “Whiteboard Sessions” to plan our goals and lay everything out in front of us. Write down everything each of you want, and everything you want together. What’s on your mind? What are your concerns? If you do this right, both of you will feel heard.
  • (22:30) What’s your Hairy Audacious Goal?
  • (25:15) Compromise and Prioritize! Lay everything out on the table so you can use your limited time, resources, and energy with maximum efficiency.
  • (27:15) Take action! Make 2019 your best year.


About Sam Middleton

Sam measures the success of our clients and partners by focusing on the overall vision of the campaign.