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Episode 11: When to Quit

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This week, Brandon and Sam share golden nuggets on a topic that is a universal concern of almost everyone engaged in a job, a career, or business—the moving target that’s work-life balance! Mind you, this is Episode 11, Take 4! Listen to find out why!

Listen to how Brandon and Sam take control of time and finances. Hear about their story from the big move to Florida to being lured back to Connecticut by an attractive corporate career to slowly and painstakingly fulfilling their dream of becoming successful entrepreneurs! Hear about Brandon’s story of painful circumstances and the risks he had to take for certain significant tradeoffs. Brandon and Sam later talk about the losses you might have for not taking the risk or making a decision. Throw in the life expense called “kids” and you have a complete picture of what makes up work-life balance. Learn about the couple’s dream boards that is now merged into one, eventually leading them to creating their own (job) security through entrepreneurship. Finally, find out what advantages there are on part-time school and full-time school for kids and how it may work for you as it did for Brandon and Sam.


  • Podcast Episode 11 Take 4!
  • Heavily-weighted on the business side
  • The moving target that’s work-life balance
  • Take control of time and finances towards becoming entrepreneurs
  • The move to Florida with Brandon and the job opportunity that lured Brandon and Sam to Connecticut
  • The pains of the son’s responsibility being next-in-line as CEO of the company
  • Being your own boss on the job but being under-fulfilled
  • Sick mom and needy girlfriend and the tradeoffs of the decision to quit the job
  • We are not promised tomorrow
  • The dream of being entrepreneurs
  • What were we losing by not risking it/by not making a decision?
  • Raising the bar for things that make life worthwhile that cost money
  • The expense called “kids”
  • Sit with your partner and decide what you want finance-wise and lifestyle-wise
  • The two separate dream boards that are now merged into one, not to mention the dream engagement ring, baby booties, dream house
  • Who’s more calculated and who listens to his/her gut feel
  • Comfortable but fearful of the unknown – what could I be losing?
  • Job security not existing so you create your own security
  • Fear-driven decisions and why they potentially make you lose time
  • Start with one step, build the business, add value to the marketplace, and create security for yourself
  • Difficult clients and what to do with them
  • Increasing the quality of our life being the driving force to make changes or take those risks
  • The children being part of the work-life balance
  • Full-time vs part-time school for the kids
  • Being a completely stay-at-home mom and a work-at-home mom
  • Being a mom and being a wife and not losing touch with the marketing business
  • The kids being around more kids than adults through full-time school
  • The kids and the need for routine and flexibility
  • More freedom and time with family with entrepreneurship


About Brandon Middleton

Brandon is a master of setting systems in place to strategically automate the sales process and convert leads into customers.